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4 Ways to Celebrate a Graduate in Your Life

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4 Ways to Celebrate a Graduate in Your Life

May and June mean commencement ceremonies and graduation celebrations. Whether you're able to celebrate with a local graduate in your life or want to send well-wishes from afar, a bit of creativity goes a long way in crafting congratulations they'll remember. Here are some ideas for celebrating a graduate in your life from your Monument, CO, assisted living community.

1. Send a Gift Subscription

If you're far from a child, grandchild or other special someone who is graduating from high school or college this year, you may not be able to travel to the ceremony. Sending a gift over long distances can also be expensive and difficult, especially if the gift is heavy, large or fragile.

But you don't have to invest in pounds of bubble wrap and pray for safe cross-country travels for your package to gift the graduate with something meaningful and useful. Instead of sending a physical package, consider sponsoring a gift subscription for six months to a year.

  • Pay for a subscription to a magazine the graduate might enjoy reading or find useful the first year of college or career.
  • Gift a Sephora or other makeup subscription to help the college freshman or entry-level post-grad worker pamper themselves each month.
  • Give them some unique study and note-taking tools each month with SCRIBEdelivery.

2. Become a Sponsor of Their Next Endeavor

Want to give a gift that keeps giving but can't find a subscription that matches the needs or interests of your grad? Considering becoming a sponsor of his or her next big adventure. If your grad is moving from high school to college, gift them a monthly book allowance or offer to cover a certain fee for the upcoming semester. If your college grad is looking at a new job, help them out with some work-related wardrobe items. Gift cards for essentials like food, coffee or supplies can also help your grad get a head start on whatever they're planning.

3. Gift Them Advice and Wisdom

Graduates may not realize it right now, but they're about to embark on a new part of life, and that can be frightening. Provide them with something to turn to when things get difficult or confusing. You might record your thoughts, advice, affirmations or encouragement as a video or audio file, or write it down in a journal or on note cards.

Consider creating an encouragement jar. Choose a pretty box or jar and decorate it as you like. Write small bits of wisdom and encouragement on slips of paper and put them in the container. Give it to the graduate with instructions to reach in and pull out some hope and love whenever they're feeling down or struggling with something.

4. Plan to Do Something With Them This Summer

Finally, if possible, plan to spend time with the graduate during the weeks or months before they embark on their next journey. Have dinner together, visit a local farmer's market or spend some time at a nearby attraction or museum. As high school or college students move past graduation and into the next part of their lives, they — and you — might discover it's harder to make this kind of time together.