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5 Ways to Boost Your Mood with Self-Care

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5 Ways to Boost Your Mood with Self-Care

With the holiday season approaching, things may become hectic for many Bethesda Gardens Monument members. For others, seasonal mood disorders or the shortening of days could begin to impact contentment. Paying attention to self-care is one way you can boost your mood, protect your energy and enjoy more about the months ahead, no matter what plans you do or don't have.

Here are five ways you can engage in self-care within the Bethesda Gardens Monument community.

1. Take advantage of the on-site salon

One of the many amenities within our assisted living community is an on-site salon. Schedule time to get your hair done for an outing or before a family visit, but don't think that you need a special occasion to pamper yourself.

Sometimes, just making the effort to look good can help you feel good too. Plus, when you're sporting a dashing or flashing new haircut or style, you may be more likely to venture out of your apartment for social occasions at Bethesda Gardens Monument and in the community beyond.

2. Enjoy a healthy but delicious diet

Eating right is good for your entire body, including your heart and mind. But you don't have to portion every plate with miserly misery. There are plenty of healthy snack options that come with enjoyable tastes, and our restaurant-style dining, daily from-scratch specials and "always available" menu take your palate and your nutritional needs into account. Any time you're finding it hard to strike a balance between enjoyable meals and nutrition that meets your health and energy needs, reach out to the Bethesda Gardens Monument staff for assistance with snacks or meal planning.

3. Make time for yourself

Everyone needs different amounts and types of alone time. People who are introverted, for example, may enjoy being around others, but it does cost them a lot of energy. Introverts can self-care by protecting their alone time, whether that's during morning devotionals, during quiet walks around the grounds several times a day or during evening routines such as watching favorite television shows, reading books, bathing or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair.

Extroverts, on the other hand, tend to gain energy from being around people. If you're extroverted, you might want to ensure you have regular social outlets, but you probably still need some daily relaxation time alone.

4. Engage in social activities

Socialization is important for people of all ages and personality types, so don't hole up too long in your assisted living apartment. Avoid isolating yourself by engaging in the regular activities planned around the community, enjoying community worship times, sitting with others in the dining space, inviting friends and family to visit and exploring activities in the nearby community when possible.

5. Get light exercise regularly

Finally, self-care should involve regular movement. You can take part in exercise programs within the community, walk the grounds or do yoga or other fitness programs in the privacy of your apartment. Remember to talk with your healthcare professional before you embark on any new exercise program, and then choose activities that are fun and appropriate for your current mobility and health.