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Bethesda Gardens Monument Partners With Others to Give Back

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Bethesda Gardens Monument Partners With Others to Give Back

Bethesda Gardens Monument is proud to launch a giving back campaign that will run from February through June 2019. We're inviting residents of the assisted living community as well as surrounding businesses and individuals to partner with us to benefit the town of Monument and surrounding areas.

Why Does Bethesda Gardens Give Back?

Bethesda Gardens Monument is a faith-based assisted living community that operates on principles of humble service and compassion for people. Daily, the staff strive to promote kind, compassionate care and community, and we love that many of our residents do the same. Giving back through a formal campaign is just one way the staff engage in practices that align with the faith-based mission and values of our organization.

Another reason we give back in this way is because we're truly thankful for the support of the Monument community. Our residents and staff enjoy living in this area and taking part in a variety of events and services locally. Giving back via this benevolent campaign is a great way for us to show how much we appreciate that support.

How Can You Give Back to Your Community?

Joshua Thomas, the Regional Vice President of Operations of Bethesda Senior Living Communities, says that the organization was started with the idea that business would always be done for the purpose of benevolence. Six decades later, the company has grown and includes numerous assisted living communities — including Bethesda Gardens Monument. But Thomas says the moral obligation to serve widows and orphans according to Biblical principles has not changed.

If you want to get involved in a mission of service and help provide for the needs of others in the community, this campaign is a great time to do so. Here is how:

Each resident who moves into Bethesda Gardens Monument during the campaign will choose a local 501(c)(3) charity or church they wish to support.

Bethesda Gardens Monument will make a generous donation of $500 to the organization of their choice.

What Else Should You Know?

Residents and visitors to the assisted living community will see staff wearing orange ribbons to remind people of the giving back campaign. Ribbons will also be sent out to families, local churches and businesses in the community so we can raise awareness of this benevolent event.

Anyone who has questions or would like to participate in the event can contact Caitlin at (719) 247-4400.

Everyone Can Give Back

 Remember that giving back doesn't require a $500 donation. If you love the idea of supporting others in the community but can't meet this obligation during the next few months, we encourage you to find other ways to give back. Consider donating your time or efforts to various causes or simply spending time with others in your community to ensure they don't feel lonely or isolated. Every kind or benevolent action makes a difference in Monument, CO.