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Easy Ways to Promote Your Mental Wellness

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Easy Ways to Promote Your Mental Wellness

A moment of forgetfulness or anxiety is natural at any age, especially if we are tired, stressed or distracted. However, as we get older, it's easy to become fixated on these emotions when we realize that something has slipped our mind or we feel blue. The fear that something is wrong with our health or that we will lose our independence can make it hard to acknowledge worries and potential issues.

These concerns are common and understandable. But they don't have to stop us from facing problems head-on and taking charge of our own health. Instead, here are some easy ways to promote your mental wellness that you can start today.

Talk To Your Doctors

It can be hard to admit that we are worried, but speaking with your medical providers enables you to work as a team to determine your current health and personal risk factors for the future. This combined effort reduces the chance of a problem going undiagnosed and reduces the time an issue remains untreated, which can have a massive impact on your overall well-being.

Take Care of Your Body

Vitamin deficiencies, dehydration and lack of sleep can trigger feelings of anxiety and depression and even mimic the symptoms of dementia.

At Bethesda Gardens in Monument, we provide regular health assessments and nutritious meals in the dining room to help prevent these issues. But it's important for you to choose to eat and snack appropriately and drink enough fluids throughout the day.

If insomnia is an issue, talk with your caregivers and try remedies, such as getting enough exercise, not watching TV close to bed or establishing a relaxing bedtime routine.

Reduce Stress

Stress can lead to irritability, restlessness and anxiety along with a host of physical ailments such as fatigue, headaches and problems sleeping.

Though staying busy may seem like a good way to manage stress, a more effective way to treat the issue is to address its root cause or participate in an activity that lets your mind rest for a time.

Some activities that are good for relaxing your thoughts and letting your brain recuperate include yoga, meditation, coloring, knitting and walking.

Find a Creative Outlet

Another way to keep your emotions healthy and improve mental health is to find ways to express yourself creatively. Many common hobbies, such as crafting, painting, playing music or writing, are excellent ways to put our feelings into something instead of bottling them up inside.

It's important to remember during these creative sessions that pouring yourself into the medium and enjoying it is more important than skill or perfectionism.

Practicing Gratitude

A positive outlook can have a significant impact on your over-all mental and physical wellness. And like a ripple in a pond, the act of practicing gratitude can have a beneficial influence in every other area of your life such as relationships with family and friends, spiritual health and faith and the ability to experience lasting peace and happiness.

Simple ways to get started include saying grace before meals, writing down daily blessings and thanking others for acts of kindness.