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Moving Beyond Expectations: The Assisted Living Activity Calendar

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Moving Beyond Expectations: The Assisted Living Activity Calendar

If you haven't visited a vibrant assisted living community lately, you might have the wrong idea about just want it means to be an active senior. Many residents of Bethesda Gardens in Monument are more active than their younger counterparts throughout the city. For some, not a day goes by without exercise, social events and a rousing card or board game (or two). That's what can happen when you embrace your best life in a community that includes a shared dining room, plenty of common areas and a caring staff that plans plenty of events.

Find out more about our assisted living community activities below. You'll see that it goes well beyond bingo.

Movement and Exercise Programs

Staying active is important for many seniors. Your body and your brain tend to operate on a "use it or lose it" concept. If you're not getting up and moving regularly, it will become harder to do so in the future.

And at Bethesda Gardens, we think every senior should have plenty of opportunities to care for his or her body in appropriate and fun ways. No matter where you are with your fitness or mobility level, there are activities for you.

Morning exercises, programs to build and protect balance, and strength exercises are just some options to consider. Residents can also enjoy participating in activities such as ping pong or riding bikes. And while the activity calendar is full, you can also join up with others for unofficial exercise, including walking the grounds.

Games for Every Interest

Your mind can also use some exercise, and games are a great way to get that. You'll find scheduled opportunities for games almost every day at Bethesda Gardens. Common options include soda box Jenga, Uno, Mexican Train, Pictionary, Outburst and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Video games, such as those played on the Nintendo Wii, are also an option. And yes, there are opportunities to play bingo.

Outside of scheduled activities, seniors in the community are often found gathered around tables playing cards or other games. You can find friends who enjoy the same types of games as you and spend as much time playing them as you like — including the occasional unplanned late-night tournament.

Faith-Based Activities

One of the things that sets Bethesda Gardens apart from other assisted living communities is that we're a faith-based community. That doesn't mean that only seniors of a certain faith can retire here, but it does mean that we offer faith-based activities and tend to draw seniors of faith.

This can be a comfort to seniors who had to move away from home congregations when they decided to downsize to an assisted living community. Our faith-based activities provide options for learning more about God and studying the Bible, worshiping with others and sharing prayer and fellowship. Options include Catholic services and general worship services as well as Bible study.

Social Opportunities to Beat Isolation

It's not all about organized fun or activities. Sometimes, the schedule includes an option that simply brings people together for shared experiences. Evening movies, opportunities to share stories, birthday parties, music performances, visits with pets and cooking classes are just some of the opportunities residents have to get out of their assisted living apartments.

Isolation isn't ideal for people of any age, and as an older adult, interacting with others continues to be important. It helps you make new friends, reducing loneliness and boosting positive emotions. Socializing also puts your brain to work and lets you keep skills such as communication, language and empathy working well.

An assisted living community with a full activities calendar makes it easier to join in on activities you already enjoy. That can help you form friendships as soon as possible after transitioning to the community. And once you make those friends, you can attend the activities together and even plan your own.

Planned Outings

Not all our outings take place within the assisted living community. The staff plans regular outings into the Monument community for shopping and attending cultural events. When the weather permits, residents might also hop in a van or other arranged transportation for a fun scenic drive.

Check the activity calendar to find out when we're going to stores such as the Dollar Tree, Target or Old Navy. This is a great time to get out, get mobile and stock up on personal items or things you need to fuel your latest interest or hobby.

Moving into an assisted living community might be the next step in your retirement, but it doesn't mean you have to give up a vibrant, active lifestyle. In fact, if you start to take advantage of all the scheduled activities offered, you might find that you're busier than you have been in a long time. But it's a good kind of busy that evokes joy and helps you make many new friends.