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Seven Ways to Enjoy Time Alone

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Seven Ways to Enjoy Time Alone

While regular social interaction is vital for a senior to maintain good overall health, it's important not to overlook the benefits of personal time.

Time alone can help seniors rest and recharge after a period of activity. This is especially true if you are naturally shy or introverted.

Jesus set an example of withdrawing by Himself to pray during His ministry on earth. The Gospels record that our Lord frequently sought out and spent time alone. When His disciples were unable to eat or rest due to the constant crowds, Jesus encouraged them to join Him.

There are many ways that believers today can follow in Jesus's footsteps. Here are seven suggestions to help inspire seniors looking for the perfect way to enjoy some time alone.

1. Keep a Journal

Journals are a terrific way to collect our thoughts and refocus our priorities. Seniors can choose to simply write a record of their time or to include doodles, random story ideas or inspirational quotes. If seniors have a goal such as learning a new skill, they can use their journal to track their progress. Rereading old entries will let them see how far they've come and potentially inspire them to keep trying to improve.

2. Go To a Spa

Studies have proven that human touch can be healing. If you are feeling worn down from a busy schedule, then a trip to the spa and a massage may be just the thing to help you feel rejuvenated again.

3. Explore an Antique Shop

Whether it's a used bookstore or a flea market, secondhand shops can be exciting to browse due to their unknown inventory. By wandering these stores alone, seniors can set their own pace and peruse the stock as quickly or slowly as they please.

4. Take Up Photography

Many tablets and cell phones can take decent-quality pictures, making it easier than ever to collect photo reminders of outings, hobbies and pets.

Seniors may find that taking these pictures causes them to slow down and spot fascinating details they might have otherwise missed, such as a ladybug sitting on a flower or an interesting shape in the clouds during a sunset.

5. Volunteer at a Pet Shelter

Taking a break from human contact for an afternoon doesn't mean that seniors have to be completely alone. Many animal shelters need volunteers to come in and walk the dogs, play with the cats or simply pet and hold the animals to socialize them.

6. Go Birdwatching

Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy keeping a life list of the bird species they've seen. Seniors who'd like to add a few more names to their own collection can head out to one of the local parks around Monument with a pair of binoculars and spend some time walking the trails. While they might not see a new species, they can track how many types of birds they see that day.

7. Ride a Bike

Many seniors are discovering the joy and nostalgia of riding three-wheel bicycles. These stable trikes provide a fun way for older adults to get some exercise without having to worry about the tipping issues often associated with standard two-wheel bikes. Baskets are a common accessory with these bikes, which make it easy for seniors to pack a picnic and explore a local trail.